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Kilt This!

Specializing in our own original designs in utility kilts, leather kilts & leather vests, everything can be customized. Once you place an order we will answer any questions and make any further customizations or upgrades to your order. We are known for our personal service and attention to detail. If you would like to request a custom order, feel free to CONTACT US with any questions. Our current wait time is 7-9 weeks, from our receipt of payment to shipping date. Rush Orders are possible on a case by case basis.
Everything is handmade in our studio. Established in 2009.

Visits to our studio in Porto, Portugal are by appointment only. To schedule a visit for late September or later you can email us or call 347-455-4587 to leave a request for an appointment for a fitting, to inquire about designs or to build a kilt with our help. We can also schedule a SKYPE or Whatsapp convo.

Build your kilt

Customize our Base Kilt designs

We offer choices of materials, metals, many options and upgrades. Any kilt can be customized with colors and metals. Upgrade any of our kilts with options like inside pockets, leather straps, conchos, zipper pockets, flash pleats, reversible front panels, additional front panels or kilt chains. If there's an options you would like to add but do not see, simply ask us if we can add it and we'll let you know if we can. Custom requests are welcome.
*Prices shown reflect Base Kilt prices without any upgrades.

Featured Design

Black Canvas Cargo Utility Kilt Set Handmade 4 Additional Aprons Interchangeable Adjustable

Kilt This

Sale price $575.00 Regular price $1,675.00

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Pete Davidson Wearing the Night King Suit Created by Kilt This (3:59)

Red Black Cargo Utility Kilt Racing Stripe Design Adjustable Interchangeable

Regular price $350.00

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Badpiper Baddie Leather Kilt Leather Vest Leather Sleeves Set Adjustable Interchangeable

Regular price $1,335.00

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Beware of knockoffs from Pakistan

We are the ORIGINAL designers of the Rainbow Kilt, now being knocked off by the thousands. Our kilts are adjustable by 5 inches up and 5 inches down from your original measurement around the waist. Knockoffs are one size and don't adjust at all, made from inferior cloth, AND use our photos to falsely advertise knockoffs. Be warned.

Kilt Chains

Kilt This

Regular price $35.00

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Tartan Kilts by Kilt This!

Simple Canvas Vest

Kilt This

Sale price $200.00 Regular price $275.00

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Comics Harness

Kilt This

Sale price $70.00 Regular price $75.00

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