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Boycott Pakistan Knock Off Kilt Imitations Please from a Fed up American kilt designer!

Posted by Serena Laws on

People need to be aware of the war going on right now between American kilt designers and Pakistan knock off businesses. They are thieves and not only are they thieves they are shameless thieves that try to corner kilt makers into helping them make their designs and if you don't - they'll simply knock them off and sell them from Pakistan and target the American buyers!! Everytime I post something new - I can see they come to my website by my stats! BOYCOTTT!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! If this continues - there will be no new kilt makers to bring fresh new ideas to kilt wearers - they won't bother to make creative kilts because Pakistan will just steal the ideas and sell them from their sweatshops under fake names.
This is just my story about how I created designs that changed Utility Kilts and how they are created - now, Pakistan is selling thousands and I am trying to continue creating and make a living. They can't think of their own designs - they have to steal mine.
This is my rally cry! I am Serena and I created the original design these imitations are trying to recreate. As a kilt maker I ask the kilted community to BOYCOTT all kilts made in Pakistan! Please share this and let your family and friends worldwide that we do not want these kilts and they are to be BOYCOTTED by all kilt wearing people. I am not the only kilt maker being attacked by these scabs! All the kilts they sell are illegal imitations - none are original designs created by a Pakistani designer. If you have any companies to add to this list feel free to contact me and I will add them to this list! Huzzah!!