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Deer Hide Buckskin Custom Kilt aka The Fur Kilt by Cris Stanton December 18 2018

Posted by Serena Laws on

November 19 2016 we were contacted by Mr Kevin Freeman about creating a kilt from deer hides. 

"When we received the deer hides for the fur kilt, there was one buckskin and a handful of fur hides. I had to break down our entire kilt design to create a pattern that could accommodate the fur. There are no folds in the kilt, every pleat was made using a strip of fur and a strip of buckskin, hand cut to precise measurements and sewn together. It took careful planning to ensure that the fur on every pleat matched the pleats next to it in both color and direction. I wanted the fur to match the natural fur patterns of deer as much as possible." - Cris Stanton, 2021

 Kilt This Fur Deer Hide Buckskin Kilt 2016