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Game of Thrones costumes by Kilt This win Best in Show at Halloween Benefit in Seattle Sept 2016

Posted by Serena Laws on

n 2016 were were asked by the owner of, to make costumes inspired by the television show, Game of Thrones; The Night King, The Hound, and Brienne of Tarth's tunic, for a Halloween benefit held at the Hilton in Seattle. The group ended up winning Best in Show.

The kilt for the Night King is made out of leather while the top is made from foam and hand etched using a Dremel.

Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live Night King Costume by Kilt This

Our version of the Night King costume caught the eye of Saturday Night Live's Costume Department and they asked us to make one for their Kit Harrington show for the Game of Thrones Finale.Serena Kilt This Night King Costume production for Saturday Night Live

Etching foam can be a very messy situation. You have to be careful because the beauty is in the details.


The Hound costume was made from foam and a canvas tunic covered carefully with spray painted googlie eyes. Each one, hand placed. 

 The Hound armor Game of Thrones Cosplay by Kilt ThisThe Hound Armor Tunic Game of Thrones Cosplay by Kilt ThisThe Hound Helmet Game of Thrones Cosplay by Kilt This