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Hostess with The Mostest aka Seattle's own Drag Queen LaSaveona Hunt features Kilt This costumes

Posted by Serena Laws on

 LaSaveona Hunt hosting Miss Vangie Mateo from RuPaul's Drag Race at Queer Bar in Seattle

LaLa, aka LaSaveona Hunt the Hostess for RuPaul's Drag Race performers and the weekly Drag Race viewing party in one of Seattle's premiere gay bars, Queer Bar. Miss Vangie can be seen above on the far right admiring the suit worn by LaLa.

Thrown and costume created for LaSaveona Hunt's Game of Thrones performance Dec 2018Costume created for LaSaveona Hunt Game of Thrones performance by Kilt This Dec 2018

Our first collaboration was for her Game of Thrones performance where we not only created her costume, we also created the Throne of Swords from foam. 

You can view the performance here, it is for adults only;


LaLa has collected quite a view Kilt This costumes for performance and we continue to create original pieces for LaLa to entertain Drag Lovers from around the world.

LaSaveona Hunt wears Kilt This