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I am a Medical Marijuana Patient in the State of Washington USA

Posted by Serena Laws on

One of the reasons we moved to the Pacific Northwest (aside from growing up there) was the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Washington. It was a large, large factor in decision to stay. If you follow our Instagram account you'll see, we post pictures of the different strains we use throughout the week. We hope that posting pictures and being honest and proud to be cannabis patients we will help people see that people who have access to medical marijuana are very intelligent and productive people. We are business owners. Not JUST business owners, successful one's that do all their own work. We don't just run the business, we are up and at'em ever day - EVERY DAY. We are not just sitting around smoking and living off welfare. If it were not for medical marijuana, we probably would not be able to be, "Kilt This!" It's that important. Not important as in addiction, but important as a legal remedy to so many ailments that are currently being treated with chemicals. It's not right and if people, BUSINESS OWNERS, and creative minds don't speak out about this important topic things won't change. We need this right now to heal so many things that are wrong in the world.
I, Serena, have early signs of arthritis of the spine. I have a curve in my spine that caused me to slip a disk in my back about 7 years ago and was prescribed a multitude of pain killers for the rest of my life or as long as I could keep my job as a secretary. Secretaries are required to sit for long periods of time. I was pretty high on the ladder as a professional "Secretary" or "Assistant," with 27 years of experience. I'm 42. I had great insurance and a great job, pulling down a good salary. After slipping the disk in my back, I could see that if the pain of sitting didn't drive me insane, the prescription drugs and bills were going to. I was already a casual marijuana smoker and decided against the pills and to opt for cannabis. I even told my regular Doctor and had him track my progress in my medical records - even though it could have lost me my insurance and was not prescribed to me. The Doctor said, "Off the record," he agreed with what I was doing and medical marijuana was illegal in the State of Minnesota. At the same time, I came to a crossroads with this little side business I started on the internet called, "Kilt This!" I had hundreds of orders waiting to be filled and a full-time job that was obviously becoming less and less important. My boss at that time, Kendra Dane, the Dean of Admissions, at William Mitchell College of Law, was not just my boss, but a friend. She's just that kind of boss. She cared about my well being and we agreed it would be best if I stayed on for a few months to help find my replacement and I was going to dive head first into running my own business. No more insurance. No turning back. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the American Dream. I've been recommended in the State of California and the State of Washington to use medical marijuana for pain relief due to a spinal condition that will become worse over time. I currently renew my recommendations in Washington. See, you have to go in every year and renew and be examined or interviewed by a doctor that is authorized to "recommend," the use of marijuana under Washington State law. Using medical marijuana is VERY different from buying weed off the street. Let me say that again because it's that important, BUYING MEDICAL MARIJUANA IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM BUYING WEED OFF THE STREET! Why? It's like with my kilt designs; you can buy a knock off and you get crap or you can buy something made professionally by someone that gives a damn and you get what you pay for. It's the same thing with cannabis. Just like the words, "Marijuana," is slang for "Cannabis." I try to interchange them a lot so that people can "feel," the distinction.

I started using cannabis as a kid. Not a teenager, a child. I was probably between 4-6 yrs old the first time, maybe even younger. It was used to calm me by a babysitter and I never ratted out that sitter. I also had access to weed on the street in my small town because it was a major traffic way for marijuana traveling up to Alaska and Northern Canada. It was everywhere growing up. I stopped smoking weed between the ages of 19 and 24 for awhile until I went to college.

I fell on hard times once during college; I was a single mom with 2 kids going to college at 24. No child support and I was holding down a full time job. I paid out of pocket for most of my classes so I wouldn't owe loans when I was done. Thank God for that decision. I was in between jobs for a minute and late on my rent. My pot dealer at the time paid my rent and brought groceries over for me and my kids. That's a story for another day.

Throughout the years I openly used cannabis on and off. It was never an addiction. It was like that juicy cheeseburger you allow yourself to have every now and again. It wasn't until I hurt my back that I really realized how important having access to it really was. After looking in my medicine cabinet and seeing bottle after bottle of pain killers. Thousands of dollars worth of street drugs sitting right in my medicine cabinet just begging me to become addicted to them. I took them all out and put them in my personal safe. Locked away. Out of sight is out of mind.

I have a hyperactive mind. It's always been over active. I suffer from insomnia in the summer and have eye sensitivity to bright light so I tend to stay indoors. It makes me pretty geeky. Before the internet I spent much of my geeky time at the library. School and college were a piece of cake. I've always been pretty smart. Too smart; trying only hard enough to get by and never exposing my intelligence for fear of real work. Every job is fun until I master it, then I quit and move on. My resume looks like a who's who of what's what. I've traveled all over the US doing, "assistant," work from Beverly Hills to Jersey. I can't stay still and I get bored after I master something. It's rather maddening if you don't have something like cannabis to slow the thoughts. That's why I can ramble on in a blog for pages and not even stop to take a puff. My mind can be overwhelming. The cannabis - SATIVA strains, help me focus in a way I never knew was possible. I've been doing Kilt This! for 6 years now and I love it. Smoking the whole time. Not just smoking anything, but really getting to know the strains, doing research and talking to other smokers and "Budtenders," that take pride in knowing what is in each strain and who grew it and with what process and how long it took to grow and all the details you want to know about something you are putting into your body. I try many different strains and I don't like them all. I have some favorites but right now the landscape is constantly changing as emerging artists in cannabis are exposing new and improved strains every day. It's a beautiful time to be exposed to cannabis.


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I smoke more than probably anyone I know. I try to stick with strictly smoking. I dab once in awhile and I have a vaporizor(s) but I prefer flower smoke. Just personal preference and I like an immediate feeling of relief. Making kilts and working on the computer is rough on my back. I have to get up and move around about every 40 minutes. I get up, stretch, grab a coffee, stand out on my back patio and take 2-3 puffs off a joint and relax for about 15 minutes and then back to the machine. My day begins with a morning joint and coffee at 5am. I only get about 5-6 hours of sleep on average. That's pretty good for me. I smoke sativa during the day and Indica before I go to bed so I easily drift off to bed and my mind relaxes at the same time. When I don't smoke before bed my mind races and I can become anxious and won't fall asleep for hours. We usually work until about 7pm on average - 7 days a week. It's important that we keep production going or we won't be able to have our business and we won't be able to live our lifestyle. There's no option to stop or take time off and sit around and do nothing. Not an option. I got a tiger by the tail and I'm not about to let go now!

I could fear exposing myself as a cannabis patient but why? I've traveled all over this country and I've never had a problem finding a fellow cannabis enthusiast. The recent success of the medical marijuana movement in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Washington DC was just a marker for things to come. Come out come out wherever you are DAVE!!