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The gentleman that owns the largest collection of Kilt This kilts and costumes

Posted by Serena Laws on

Chris Chandler and Kilt This largest collection 2021Kilt This kilts

Kilt This began in 2009

and since then we have developed some long time clients that look to us for their original costumes to wear to events and to display. It was then, that we met Mr. Chandler. At first, he challenged us to seeing what we could do modifying our original kilt design and as the years rolled on, costumes. As Serena was expanding her ability to create off the fly, Mr. Chandler was simply toss out an suggestion of a costume for a specific event, and left it up to us to create the full costume to achieve these looks. As of today, he owns the largest collection of Kilt This costumes and kilts.

Chris Chandler Kilt This collection
Here, we will share a few of the key pieces of Mr. Chandler's collection (left to right);

Grey Leather Roman Gladiator Suit

Burgundy Leather Suit with Interchangeable Breast Plate Design

Tan Leather Suit with Grey Double Cross Design and Chain Closures

Black Leather Buccaneer Vest with Cotton Peasant Shirt and Canvas Pants

Custom Kylo Ren Halloween Costume

Leather Merman and Mermaid Wedding Costumes with Leather Scales


    Grey Gladiator Suit by Kilt This

    The Gladiator Suit

    Our design for a gladiator suit is, like all our designs, a mashup of classic and modern designs. We used grey cowhide leather lined with canvas. The metals were nickel. Each flap of leather is lined with canvas to help keep the form and give a durable feel. The entire suit is adjustable with laces and snaps.


    Burgundy Leather Suit by Kilt This Interchangeable
    Burgundy Leather Suit by Kilt This

    Burgundy Leather Suit Interchangeable Vest Design

    This might be one of our most "knocked off," pieces that's been around for over 10 years. The Pakistan companies stole my photos from my website and use these photos to sell this design on ebay. I pity anyone that gets suckered into purchasing whatever they end up sending.

    This original design is interchangeable. The idea was to make something that could be updated and modified over time. This was my result.


    Tan Leather Grey Double Cross Vest and Kilt with Chains by Kilt This


    Tan Leather Grey Double Cross Vest and Kilt with Chains

    I was given permission to be creative, as always, with this order. I really wanted to add chains to my designs to give it some shine and originality.

    I added a cape to this design influenced by roman garb.






    Buccaneer Leather Vest Peasant Shirt Pants





    Buccaneer Leather Vest with Peasant Shirt & Pants 

    Mr. Chandler needed an outfit for an associate to wear at an event. The idea was a buccaneer inspired vest for a pirate feel. At the time I was just launching my new design for an interchangeable vest with tails that detach. I worked my current design into a double breasted front and tails in the back that are removable. The shirt, is an a peasant shirt style made from heavy cotton. The pants are made from a canvas, heavy cotton in our first ever pant design.

    Custom Kylo Ren Halloween Costume by Kilt This

    Custom Kylo Ren Halloween Costume

    I was asked to recreate the Kylo Ren Costume in my own style. I watched the film a few times, and this was my interpretation of that costume. I made the cape, jacket and pants along with the belt.







    Mr. and Mrs. Chandler requested a black leather set with would reflect on their love for their Mer Life. We designed the suit to be highlighted with leather scale and a custom Mer King designed collar for the Merman Suit. The dress is made like an actual fin curled around the legs. It has a removable bustle on the back to allow for a lighter dress.

    Merman Leather Kilt Design by Kilt ThisMermaid Leather Wedding Dress Kilt This