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The WORK That Goes Into Making a Kilt This Utility Kilt

Posted by Serena Laws on

What you see in the work of Kilt This is only a tenth of the work that goes into creating these works of art.

The work begins before you even purchase your item. Each item is the brainchild of The Kilt Girls; Serena and Cris. Together they discuss creations and combine our talents to manufacture the most innovative utility kilts on the market. All aspects of the presentation and marketing are done by Kilt This. With only 2 people making all the garments created and designed by Kilt This you are basically hiring 2 people to create clothing for you and they are custom fitting it to your measurements. It's tailoring.

Once you place an order there are tasks that need to be completed before a needle even touches fabric. Kilt This is responsible to take your funds and not only manufacture your creation but we also have to make sure the overhead costs are covered; internet/website fees, pay portal fees, electricity, rent, machinery, tools, office equipment, utilities. Your funds also purchase the materials needed to create your garment; machine oil, needles, rippers, rulers, cutting boards, rotary blades, snaps, clips, d rings, o rings, straps, air can, glue, tape and staples. In addition to the obvious - some not so obvious part of your purchase is knowledge. You are paying for 2 people that know how to make these kilts (because they created the designs) and you're paying for 2 people to purchase the items that will make your item. Just like going to a trade school The Kilt Girls are specialists in what they do since they create these original designs. Another mystical expense is travel and shipping. We travel to fabric stores and leather distributors to hand pick our fabric and leather. This can include a car ride($2), bus ride($2) and a ferry ride($8) round trip($16). That can take an entire day of our time just travelling. Since we both sew the leather kilts together, 2 people are travelling to pick out your leather - taking one day out of their lives to help you acquire a wonderful work of art.

Aside from actual sewing Kilt This must handle scheduling, marketing, social media, photography, editing, Photoshop, and customer service. While we charge you for the time it takes to make the item and the materials - you are not charged for every time you contact us with questions, requests and updates. In many cases we don't even charge you to fix your kilt should it happen to become damaged. It doesn't happen often but when it does, we are here to fix it.

Nowadays it difficult for the average shopper to part with the idea of purchasing cheap and fast clothing. Our clothing is a deliberate experiment in offering high fashion to everyone and anyone looking for it. Buy once and buy right!

Pay someone to make you a quality garment that will last you years and not months. Buy a piece of clothing that is not only utilitarian but interchangeable and tailored to fit you!

The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?

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