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Why We Do What We Do - The Kilt Girls - Kilt This in the USA

Posted by Serena Laws on

Why Do We Make Kilts?

Honestly it feels like a gift that needs to be shared. Right now it seems like people have forgotten what high quality garments are like and how to make them. It's very satisfying to have created a design that has become one of the highest quality garments you can buy in America without paying high fashion prices. Why? Because we can, is the short answer. It's within our power to not sell out and ship the design to Pakistan and have it mass produced in a cheaper form and for pennies by slave labor working in sweatshops in foreign countries. Pakistan is so frustrated, they've decided to start mass producing knock offs of Kilt This designs and open up fake online shops like "Scottish Kilt Shoppe," or "The Kilt Tailor," which are both owned by a mass commission of manufacturers in Pakistan, (150 business owners), and they all share their designs stolen from the internet and then try selling them as Americans with fake online shops (imitating Kilt This). So, here we are, these 2 American girls (single moms), that created this amazing design(s), and whom are simply trying to live a self sufficient life, no bank loans, no investors, just fans. Well, of course it's upsetting (to see imitations), mainly because their knock offs are so ugly, poorly made and they're just a, "guest-a-mation," of how the design really is because, there's only 2 people in the world that know the design for Kilt This and that's the Kilt Girls. In a way, it's really out of frustration that we created the designs and we continue to created the designs. We are tired of crappy garments made in Pakistan that rip, they're limp, they don't fit right, and the custom service sucks. Hence, Kilt This exists. We say, "F*ck'm all; the whole lot of them. Their stuff looks like crap." You can't imitate real creativity. We have it in spades and we have built our life around sharing it with you. A couple of geeky sci-fi nerd chicks with a knack for the strange. We aren't in a race for the most money in our pockets and we take great pride in our work. In order for things to change in America and in our world some people need to show restraint and not sell out the first chance they can. Capitalism with a sense of morality. It's more important to us that people know the America Dream lives and dreams do come true. Peace All.



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