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Hiker Kilts

The only kilt made with interchangeable parts. Above is pictured the Kilt This Hiker Utility Kilt in 10oz canvas with plastic hiker clasps for closures. You can interchange the front apron with any of the other Kilt This Hiker aprons, they are all interchangeable (in the same design). This kilt comes with 2 large cargo pockets, 3 compartments each. Durable, each pleat is sewn on both the inside and outside to maintain its form. Large enough to carry most items you would need for a hike. Perfect for camping or outdoor activities. This kilt is great for folding up and putting into a backpack or laptop bag. Custom fit to your measurements, adjustable an additional 4-5 inches, and interchangeable design allows you to build onto your kilt with additional front panels you can purchase separately. Add leather straps, conchos, or removable pockets now or later. Instead of buying a whole new kilt, just upgrade it.

• Each kilt is adjustable by 4-5 inches
• Every kilt comes with key latches and D-rings
• 3 inch belt loops
• The apron and back stay centered when changing size adjustments
• The apron acts as a sporran while the rest of the kilt is free
• Kilts come with large 2 cargo pockets 3 compartments
• You can purchase multiple aprons for the same kilt
• Machine washable, lay flat to dry, fold storage

You can request your own family tartan in this design. We purchase our tartans from Lochcarron of Scotland. Some additional charges for the fabric upgrade to wool and shipping will apply. Contact us if you have any questions.