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Leather Kilts

Adjustable by 5 inches, this brown leather version of the standard snap utility kilt will live up to your high expectations of quality. Made from high quality leather hides hand picked by the designers. Each utility kilt comes with key latches and D-rings on the 3 inch belt loops, and the front apron is detachable from the body of the kilt. The snaps act as built in sporrans for comfort and security. This kilt will last for years and will look even better over time like a great leather jacket. It's a must have for your kilt collection. Durable, each pleat is sewn on both the inside and outside to help maintain it's appearance. The metals are antique brass to give it a more distinct look. Custom fit to your measurements it is still adjustable by 5 inches as needed. The waistband is lined with a wide weave fabric to allow for air circulation between your skin and the leather. This kilt is still comfortable even in very warm weather. Perfect for outdoor events.

Snap Kilt Interchangeable

This snap utility kilt is the base starting kilt for what is the new standard in utility kilts; interchangeable front aprons and pockets. This design was created by Kilt This! Each kilt is handmade by the actual designers. Start with this kilt and add front aprons to change the look instead of having to purchase several kilts. Durable, made to be worn daily. This kilt comes with 2 large expanding removable cargo pockets, 3 compartments each to carry most items you need for a hike or an outdoor event. The design allows you to fold it up and slide it into a laptop bag or a backpack for travel. The pleats are sewn on both the inside of the kilt and the outside. This helps maintain the appearance over time and to allow you to fold it up and pack it away. The kilt is custom made to your measurements so it fits like a glove, right out of the box. All the kilts are adjustable by 5 inches but we want it to fit right from the start then you can adjust it as needed. Not all kilts are measured the same and not all pants use the same measurements, so it's important to follow our directions when sending us your measurements. Length cannot exceed 24", beyond 24" we refer you to our full length utility kilts.

Available in many colors of leather.
All sizes available.
*Some sizes may require an additional cowhide not included in this price.
  • Adjustable by 5 inches and made to fit based on your measurements
  • Snaps help keep the kilt adjustable and masculine
  • The kilt comes standard with 2 key clips and D rings
  • 3 inch belt loops