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Metal Latch Kilts

This Latch Kilt design is made just as durable as all the other designs. What sets it apart from our other designs is the metal latches used to attach the front interchangeable panel. You can choose from nickel, antique brass, gunmetal or black.  Your choice of fabrics from duck cloth, soft cotton, denim, fleece, and special tartans. You can upgrade now or later. Possible upgrades; removable pockets, additional aprons, kilt chains, flag apron, reversible aprons, and you can have your kilt interchangeable design with all the other designs.

·  Each kilt is adjustable by 5 inches
·  Every kilt comes with key latches and D-rings
·  3 inch belt loops
·  The apron and back stay centered when changing size adjustments
·  The apron acts as a sporran while the rest of the kilt is free
·  Kilts come with large 2 cargo pockets 3 compartments
·  You can purchase multiple aprons for the same kilt
·  Machine washable, lay flat to dry, fold storage