About us

Serena Laws, Founder & Designer                             Cris Stanton, Designer & Production Mgr.


Specializing in customizing our own original designs in leather kilts, leather vests & utility kilts. Anything you see can be customized. We specialize in personal service. Once you start an order we will answer any questions and make any additions and upgrades that will help build your kilt. Simply send us a message at kiltthis@outlook.com for any questions. Our current wait time is 3-5 weeks from payment to delivery.  If you have a custom item you would like to request, feel free to contact us. Everything is handmade in our studio in Seattle, Washington.


Kilt This! is a high-end utility kilt label run by the 2 actual designers that sew everything they create founded in 2009 with a studio in downtown Seattle. 

Kilt This! ships all over the world. available by appointment only at our shop in Seattle with AUTHORIZED TAILORS also located IN MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota.

If you have a custom item you would like us to consider creating we are happy to take requests and give estimates on cost to make your dream come true.

Our goal is to make our creativity available to the world. cut out the middle guy. you talk directly to the designers which are also the seamstresses that will be sewing your custom item.

Everything we make is made to last for years and we build relationships along the way.