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Anatomy of a Snap Kilt by Kilt This!

anatomy of a Snap Kilt by Kilt This

kilt measuring chart for Kilt This

Waist - Our kilts are made to fit like a pair of cargo shorts however DO NOT SEND US PANT MEASUREMENTS. do not send us other kilt Company measurements. They will adjust approximately 5-7 inches from the waist measurement you provide. You want to measure with a measuring tape around where you normally have pants hang along your hip, and either over your belly or under it, which ever you prefer. Be sure to measure against your skin and not over clothing. If you measure over clothing it will make the kilt too loose and the measurements will be inaccurate. With the proper measurements you will only have to adjust the apron when you first try it on, and only minimal adjustments after that if you gain or lose weight. The great thing about this design is that you can adjust your kilt and it will never look different in appearance. The kilt will always look centered, level and well-fit.

Hip - Measuring around the hip area will help keep the kilt from being too snug around your hips, rear, and the Jewels.

Length - This measurement is commonly done for utility kilts by kneeling. You want to take the measurement from the side of your hip. Measure from where the top of your jeans would be to the floor. This typically makes the kilt length to about mid knee.


vest measuring chart for Kilt This


  • Chest - measure around the chest - around the back - under the arms
  • Length - measure from the back of the neck to the bottom of your spine aka tailbone
  • Shoulders - measure from end of shoulder to end of the opposite shoulder shoulder
  • Waist - measure where you want the bottom strap will hold hour vest (usually just above the top of the kilt)
  • Kilt This the original Snap Kilt

    What if I don't have a measuring tape or anyone to measure me?

    You can use a shoestring or a piece of yarn Mark with a pen or marker the ends of the string when wrapped around your waist, hips, and length measure the yarn against a ruler or yard stick

     "Do you carry __________ clan tartan?"

    We do not keep tartans in stock. We order the necessary tartan for each order from weavers in Scotland. If you want a specific tartan that is not a problem. We order it.

    What is the difference between "duck cloth," and "cotton?"

    Duck Cloth is 10oz canvas. Our kilts are made of a sturdy 10oz canvas. It's durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear (without the tearing!). Duck cloth kilts are heavier, but they don't overheat you. You can wear it in cold weather and it will hold in body heat better than soft cotton. And unless you are in a hurricane, you don't have to worry about the wind blowing.

    Cotton is like the material in slacks. It's softer and lighter than the duck cloth, but heavy enough so that you don't have to fear the "see-thru" effect. Cotton kilts are strong and durable, perfect for summer, and great for tossing into a backpack.

    What's the difference between these kilts and other kilts?

    The first thing you want to know about Kilt This is that there are only 3 people that run the entire business. We handle customer correspondences, take the orders, make the kilts, and handle all the marketing and networking. We are a company based on word of mouth advertising and social networking. No huge marketing campaign or large company. We rely on customer satisfaction and a great fan base to help spread the word about Kilt This! This isn't really a clothing company in the traditional sense; it's art made by 2 new textile artists, and their chosen canvas is their signature kilt designs created as functional art. Each kilt is created individually so the quality is high durability, and noticeable individual details make our kilts stand out in a crowd. The quality is some of the best available anywhere. Each kilt is hand sewn by the designers. We purchase our supplies (mainly) from small local shops near our workshop. We pay attention to how and where we spend money for supplies focusing on supporting local small businesses within the United States.


    Can I make payments?

    Yes. We allow you to make payments in minimum $50 monthly installments. The first $50 is non-refundable for all kilts, excluding leather. The first $200 will be non-refundable for leather kilts. You will receive invoices and statements periodically until paid in full. Any kilts forfeited will be sold by Kilt This! This type of transaction will be handled via Paypal. For further questions please email us Payments can be sent direct to us at PayPal.Me/kiltthis if you know exactly what you want.

    Is there an extra cost for large sizes?

    No. We do not charge extra for larger sizes. We don't think it's fair to charge larger men for what we consider to be a larger piece of art. Only in the case of leather kilts would we charge extra for an additional hide if necessary, but for basic kilts we don't charge for the additional fabric. These kilts are especially great on larger men. They are comfortable and help keep you cool, and look flattering on any size man.


    Do you take RUSH orders?

    On a case by case basis. We aim to please but if we cannot meet a deadline or know that shipping will not allow delivery to fall within the time frame required we won't risk it. RUSH orders be subject to $100 per cloth kilt ($250 leather kilt) rush fee (non-refundable) and any additional shipping charges. For more details you can email us

    How do I care for my kilt?

    We focus on making our kilts "easy to care for." The duck cloth, denim, cotton and poly blends we use in our designs are all machine washable. You can fold all our kilts to be placed in a drawer, suitcase or backpack, including the leather kilt. While we suggest spot cleaning your kilt with a damp cloth and some soap, you can just as easily throw your kilt in the washing machine for a quick cleaning. Leather must be professionally cleaned. Cloth kilts can be cared for at home; 1. Put the kilt completely together. Some aprons may not be suitable for the washing machine, beware.
    2. Turn the kilt inside out and place in washing machine. Prevents noise and damage from kilt hardware.
    3. Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.
    4. Remove kilt and lay flat on a towel to air dry. For faster drying let air dry a bit then low heat in dryer.
    5. Low heat iron or steam to remove wrinkles. Most wrinkles will fall out while wearing.
    6. Fold or hang up the kilt for storage.

    Can I use an iron on my kilt?

    Cloth yes. Leather no. We suggest ironing the inside of the kilt instead of the outside of the kilt.

    Do you make custom kilts?

    Yes, but only in our own design and we reserve creative rights (within reason). We will work with you to come up with a design that will be functional and impressive. We will try to incorporate your needs into the design and make suggestions for what might suit your needs or highlight your chosen colors. For more details email us

    Can I place my order over the phone?

    Yes. We prefer to handle orders over email for a couple of reasons; 1. Our hands and minds are usually busy sewing and creating most of the day and the phone is a huge distraction.
    2. Email helps protect both you and Kilt This! by logging our conversations so details are in writing at all times.

    We will take order details over the phone, but you will be sent an electronic invoice to make payment so almost instantly, you will be ordering via email and your order will not be processed until payment is received. Please keep in mind, there are only 2 people doing all our work so our time is very valuable. Please be sure to have your questions prepared when calling us to place your order. For further questions email us

    Is there a Kilt This! Store I can visit?

    We do have a shop located in the SODO Industrial District of Seattle near the stadiums. Customers are met by appointment only. Our production times are tight and we find it necessary to plan visits and interruptions. We are available for events and we do personal appearances. When we can, we set appointments for customers that are in the immediate area and we do make appointments for people visiting from out of town. We do set up meetings on a case by case basis depending on our work schedule. Please contact us for more information or to plan a fitting.

    Do you offer refunds?

    We do offer refunds on a case by case basis. All purchase are subject to a non-refundable $50 service fee. Any orders that require Kilt This to purchase a leather hide - leather hide(s) costs are non refundable. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your kilt, as long as the kilt is returned without damage and in the same condition it was received with no signs of wear. We want you to be happy with your kilt and will be happy to make adjustments and alterations if your kilt does not fit properly. We exhaust our abilities to build a kilt you are happy with but if we fail to meet your needs and requirements we will be happy to refund the remainder of your payment after all costs and shipping have been covered.

    What do you mean by "interchangeable apron?"

    When you buy your first Kilt This! kilt, you are opening yourself up to further customizing that kilt with details, just like customizing a car. The design of our kilt allows you to order extra custom aprons or replacement aprons in other colors later. You can change and update your Kilt This! kilt instead of and in addition to collecting many other kilt bodies and aprons to interchange. No other utility kilt has this design or offers this option.

    If I buy a kilt now, can I customize it later?

    Yes. If you buy your first Kilt This! kilt just to try out, keep in mind you can add things later: new pockets, additional aprons, kilt chains, custom snaps or conchos, hammer loops, etc.

    How long is the delivery time?

    Standard delivery time within the US is 7-9 weeks (Spring/Summer), 5-7 weeks (Fall/Winter), changes according to North American Seasons from the time we receive your payment.  Times can vary depending on delivery options. We usually use USPS for deliveries.

    Rush delivery time can be as short as 1 week from payment. There is a non-refundable $100 fee for cloth kilts, and $250 fee for leather kilts. Any overnight or 2-day requests will require additional fees. Payment for the kilt is due immediately and shipping fees will be added prior to delivery.

    Do you make traditional tartan kilts?

    While we can use tartan prints, we do not make the traditional tartan kilt. We do make our own interpretation of a tartan kilt. One design is a tartan kilt body and another is our design with tartan ribbon highlights of your choice. For more details and photos email us

    If I have an item I want added can you do that?

    Yes. It might add time onto your delivery time depending on how we receive      the item. This would be considered a custom item so there would be an additional cost depending on the difficulty of designing around your item. For more details email us at

    Can you make a kilt from fabric/tartan sent to Kilt This?

    Yes, we can make a kilt from your fabric or tartan if it is strong enough to endure the design. Not all fabrics can be made in to our design and some might require lining which is an additional cost based on the size.