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Black Leather Sleeves Set Leather Stripes

Regular price $250.00

The Double Cross Black Leather Suit is designed and created by Serena Laws in her signature design for Kilt This! made at the Kilt This! Studio in Wapato, Washington, USA. The leather is hand picked by the designers of Kilt This! This is a durable tough leather. Both the leather vest and the leather sleeves are lined on the inside to prevent stretching of the leather. The leather kilt also created in the signature kilt design by Kilt This known as "The Snap Kilt." This kilt is also available in many different colors and fabrics.

The Double Cross is a design created by Serena to give a Celtic feel to a modern piece of clothing art. These designs are made to be interchangeable with existing and future designs by Kilt This. All pieces of this creation carry the symbol of the Double Cross. If you choose to have the Double Cross in a different color of thread or leather, we can discuss your options (send us a message).

All parts are made to be interchangeable for upgrades now or later. This is the only design on the market that allows for upgrades post purchase.

This creation is made to order. All sizes are available. Some sizes may require the purchase of additional hides. If this is necessary we will let you know and you will be responsible for additional hides as a separate charge.

These pieces are available separately;

The Leather Seelves Set (2 sleeves) with Double Cross Symbol and liner
-Leather lacing for adjustment
-Made to your arm measurements
-Lined inside to keep the sleeve formed

The Leather Vest with Double Cross Symbol with liner
The KT Vest was designed by Kilt This to be compatible with their signature Snap Kilts.
The KT Vest is made to order
-You choose the color!
-It is adjustable in the same design as the utility kilts made by KT (Kilt This).
-Available in cotton, duck cloth for a bit less.

The Leather Kilt with Double Cross Symbol (one hide only)
Adjustable by 5-7 inches, another leather version of the standard snap utility kilt will live up to your high expectations of quality. Made from high quality leather hides hand picked by the designers. Each utility kilt comes with key latches and D-rings on the 3 inch belt loops, and the front apron is detachable from the body of the kilt. The snaps act as built in sporrans for comfort and security. Two large cargo pockets each have two additional smaller pockets are optional for an additional fee. This kilt will last for years and will look even better over time like a great leather jacket.

Available in many colors of leather.
All sizes available.
*Pockets sold separately.
*Some sizes may require an additional cowhide not included in this price.

-Adjustable by 5-7 inches and made to fit based on your measurements.
-Snaps help keep the kilt adjustable and masculine.
-The kilt comes standard with 2 key clips and D rings
-3 inch belt loops

Please send us a message if you have any questions. We usually respond within 24 hrs.

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