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Customize Baddie Black Leather Vest

Sale price $350.00 Regular price $375.00

Baddie Vest is another original design created by Kilt This to add to your Kilt This collection.

This is the Baddie Vest. Handcrafted from cowhide this lined vest gives you that tough leather look with sporty stripes. This vest is adjustable and can easily fit over a hoodie or jacket. The design is made to be worn right on your skin. The inside is lined with a wide weave fabric to allow your skin to breathe. Each leather stripe is hand cut and sewn by the designers individually for each item. Each snap and ring is set by hand. Made in our signature design this vest is made to be worn often and is durable to be worn in hot temperatures.
This set will set off any outfit! Send us a message if you would like more information.

The vest is adjustable by 5 inches in the chest and the waist (like the kilts).

Priest Collar is sold separately and not included in this sale.

Kilt & Vest Sets

The Double Cross is a design created by Serena to give a Celtic feel to a modern piece of clothing art. These designs are made to be interchangeable with existing and future designs by Kilt This. All pieces of this creation carry the symbol of the Double Cross. If you choose to have the Double Cross in a different color of thread or leather, we can discuss your options (send us a message). The leather stripes are cut and sewn individually for every order. We use red stitching to make the design really pop. You can request a different color thread.

*Some sizes may require an additional cowhide not included in this price.

  • Adjustable by 5-7 inches and made to fit based on your measurements
  • Snaps help keep the kilt adjustable and masculine
  • The kilt comes standard with 2 key clips and D rings
  • 3 inch belt loops
The Leather Vest with Double Cross Symbol with liner has hidden pockets in the breast and in the back panel just above the hips. Your vest is custom fit and adjustable by 5-10 inches as needed. It's lined with a very comfortable wide weave cloth. All the snaps are placed by hand. Your vest comes apart at the tops of the bodies for easy travel. Later you can even add pieces to interchange and upgrade. The leather stripes in the design are cut out individually and lined with red thread to really make it pop! You can request a different color thread, just send us a message.

Upgrade Now or Later

Conchos $25 - $140 Kilt Chains $35 Leather Double Cross Pocket Tops $35 Leather Straps $50
Additions aprons $40 - $100 Make pockets removable $25 Flash Pleats $150 Inside Pockets $25



  • Chest - measure around the chest - around the back - under the arms.

  • Length - measure from the back of the neck to the bottom of your spine aka tailbone.

  • Shoulders - measure from end of shoulder to end of the opposite shoulder shoulder.

  • Waist - measure where you want the bottom strap will hold hour vest (usually just above the top of the kilt).