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Roman Leather Armor Vest Adjustable

Regular price $475.00

Roman Leather Armor Vest

This leather armor vest is cut from double shoulder cowhide. A diamond design is hand etched. This vest has leather ties that allow the vest to be slightly adjustable in size. You can wear this vest with or without a shirt.

Kilts & Vest Sets


  • Chest - measure around the chest - around the back - under the arms.
  • Length - measure from the back of the neck to the bottom of your spine aka tailbone.
  • Shoulders - measure from end of shoulder to end of the opposite shoulder shoulder.
  • Waist - measure where you want the bottom strap will hold hour vest (usually just above the top of the kilt).

Upgrade Now or Later

Conchos $25 - $140 Kilt Chains $35 Leather Double Cross Pocket Tops $35 Leather Straps $50
Additions aprons $40 - $100 Make pockets removable $25 Flash Pleats $150 Inside Pockets $25