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Simple Canvas Vest

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Canvas Vest

This black duck canvas vest was designed by Kilt This to be compatible with their signature Snap Kilts. Our simple design adds a very distinguished look to our utility kilts. The parts are all put together by snaps so you can interchange this vest with other kilt this vests to slowly build a collection.

This is the economical version of this vest. While it is lined, it does not have pockets in this version. It is a double layer of duck cloth to keep the appearance clean and smooth. Pockets can be added to both the front and back panels at a later date. We can also make this design without the pointed mid section, just a straight across seam. Send us a message for more information. The shoulder straps are made from leather hand cut from full cow hides chosen by the designers.
You choose the color! It is adjustable in the same design as the utility kilts made by Kilt This.

*This sale is for the vest only. Kilts sold separately.

You can request your own family tartan in this design. We purchase our tartans from Lochcarron of Scotland. Some additional charges for the fabric upgrade to wool and shipping will apply. Contact us if you have any questions.


  • Chest - measure around the chest - around the back - under the arms.
  • Length - measure from the back of the neck to the bottom of your spine aka tailbone.
  • Shoulders - measure from end of shoulder to end of the opposite shoulder shoulder.
  • Waist - measure where you want the bottom strap will hold hour vest (usually just above the top of the kilt).

Upgrade Now or Later

Conchos $25 - $140 Kilt Chains $35 Leather Double Cross Pocket Tops $35 Leather Straps $50
Additions aprons $40 - $100 Make pockets removable $25 Flash Pleats $150 Inside Pockets $25