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Simple Leather Lace Up Vest with Leather Straps and Kilt Chains

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Leather Lace Up Vest with Leather Straps and Kilt Chains Handmade Custom Fit Adjustable Interchangeable created by Kilt This!

This black leather lace up vest with leather straps was designed by Kilt This to be compatible with their signature Snap Kilts. This is the Black Leather Vest with lace up front. Handcrafted from cowhide this lined vest gives you that tough leather look with a leather laces. This vest is adjustable and can easily fit over a hoodie or jacket. The design is made to be worn right on your skin. The inside is lined with a wide weave fabric to allow your skin to breathe. Each leather part is hand cut and sewn by the designers individually for each item. Each snap and ring is set by hand. Made in our signature design this vest is made to be worn often and is durable to be worn in hot temperatures. All the straps are hand cut from a full cowhide and sewn from the same hide as the vest. D rings on the shoulder are added to attach Kilt Chains to highlight the appearance.


Chest - measure around the chest - around the back - under the arms

Length - measure from the back of the neck to the bottom of your spine aka tailbone

Shoulders - measure from end of shoulder to end of the opposite shoulder shoulder

Waist - measure where you want the bottom strap will hold hour vest (usually just above the top of the kilt)