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Simple Any Tartan Traditional Style Wool Kilt

Regular price $600.00

Choose any design of tartan, and we will make it in this traditional style kilt design. We contact our supplier for wool tartans and import the tartan from Scotland. We will work with your to make sure the kilt will fit properly. On your left side there are two leather straps with buckles and on your right side is one leather strap and buckle to secure your kilt in place. Inside is a cotton liner to hide the pleats seams. This price is good for up to a 45" waist. Sizes beyond 45" can contact us for a quote.

You can request your own family tartan in this design. We purchase our tartans from Lochcarron of Scotland. Some additional charges for the fabric upgrade to wool and shipping will apply. Contact us if you have any questions.

How to measure

Waist - Choose where you want to where your kilt. If you have questions please contact us.

Hip - Measuring around the hip area will help keep the kilt from being too snug around your hips, rear, and the Jewels.

Length - This measurement is commonly done for utility kilts by kneeling. You want to take the measurement from the side of your hip. Measure from where the top of your jeans would be to the floor. This typically makes the kilt length to about mid knee.