Interchangeable Utility Kilt Front Panel Black with Gray n Black Cross

Kilt This

  • $80.00

Front Panel

This is to order the front panel of the Kilt This Kilts as an accessory. American designers with original designs now changing the options to upgrade a utility kilt that is only made by Kilt This!

This Cross design is made to look powerful and always demands all the attention in the room. It is an amazing conversational piece.

******************This does not include the entire kilt***********************

We have revolutionized the way you can buy a utility kilt! Now purchase one of our kilt bodies and then add your own front pane aka "Apron," to reflect who you are. The options are almost limitless and these photos are simply examples of how creative we can get with your order.

- We offer custom flag aprons at a slightly higher price depending on the detail of the flag requested.

Simply send us a message and we can help you create the accessory that you can add to your kilt to make a statement about who you are and what wearing a kilt might mean to you. Express yourself. Set yourself apart.

Cross Kilts

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