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Kilt This originated the Snap Kilt

Kilt This created the kilt design with 12 snaps on a front panel in 3 rows of 2 snaps on each side. We named it the Snap Kilt. This design is being knocked off by the thousands. Beware! You can only get the real Snap Kilt design with all the bells and whistles here, from us.  Cris Stanton, Seamstress and Designer, wearing the Diversity Kilt with custom front panel.


Leather Color Options

 These are only a few of the colors available in leather from Kilt This!  

Ask about our options for patterned leather.

Canvas Color Options

 These are the color options to help you build your custom kilt .

Snap Options for Upgrades

You can choose to upgrade with these special snaps. 

Concho Options

These are the options to replace snaps with conchos as an upgrade.